Mediation Fees for 2019

Mr. Buell’s hourly fee is $450. For a two-party case, this would be $225 per hour per side. Where one counsel represents more than one client, such clients will be considered a single party. In cases with three or more separate sides, each side will be charged $225 per hour.

Within thirty days of scheduling a mediation session or within twenty days of the mediation session, whichever comes first, each side must deposit $900, which is for up to a four-hour mediation session. The deposit includes one hour to review mediation briefs, as well as any pre-mediation phone calls to the parties. If the complete fee deposit is not paid by each side at least fourteen days prior to the scheduled mediation session, Mr. Buell reserves the right to postpone the mediation session and reschedule it once complete fee deposits are received from each side.

For mediation sessions that last more than four hours, and each side agrees to continue, each separate side will be charged $225 per hour.

If a mediation session is canceled or postponed less than fourteen days before the scheduled date, the canceling party will be charged a late cancellation fee of $1,800. However, if a different mediation session can be scheduled for the day of the canceled or postponed session, the late cancellation fee will not be charged. If there is a dispute among the parties as to which party caused the cancellation or postponement, the late cancellation fee will be split equally among the parties.

There is no administrative or set-up fee, no charge for travel time within the Bay Area and no charge for follow-up calls.