Buell Law and Mediation
Buell Law and Mediation


Scott Buell is an experienced mediator and trial attorney who assists litigants in finding creative solutions to their disputes; saving time and money and eliminating the uncertainty of litigation. Why let a judge or a jury of strangers impose a decision upon you at trial?






Fifteen years as a public defender in New York City coupled with nearly fifteen years as in-house trial counsel for three major insurance carriers in the Bay Area, along with more than 150 hours of certified mediation and advanced mediation training, make Mr. Buell a credible and effective neutral.

Mr. Buell is the current Chair of the Marin County Bar Association ADR Section and is a member of the Marin County Bar Association Board of Directors.

He can help all parties listen and be heard so they are best able to explore every available option to bring about a voluntary, binding and durable settlement agreement that works for all parties. Mr. Buell has mediated a wide variety of cases throughout the Bay Area. He looks forward to helping you.